Branches of Alchemical Study

The following are different areas of study available for alchemy. All branches are (IQ/Very Hard) and default to Alchemical Theory(Transmutation) at – 6.

Branches of Study
In addition to knowing transmutation, an alchemist must also be versed in the alchemical applications of a number of areas, primarily divided by types and states of matter and energy.

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Energy (AKA Heat)
  • Metal
  • Organic (NOT HUMANS)
  • Water

Transmutation is subdivided into a number of different types of manipulation. They are assumed to all be taught equally, although some may be more taxing than others. The types of manipulation are:

  • Sense
  • Strengthen
  • Restore
  • Control
  • Construct
  • Deconstruct
  • Transform

-Human Transmutation
Illegal and tabooed. Some argue that it is not disimilar to organic alchemy in it’s application, but for whatever reason, transmutations attempted on human beings are always met with catastrophic failure.

Examples of Transmutation
“Restore Metal” could be used to sharpen a dull blade.
“Strengthen Metal” could be used to make a blade’s edge unnaturally sharp.
“Control Earth, Control Water” might turn solid earth into mud if there is enough water in the area.
“Strengthen Air, Construct Energy” would be the classic way to conjure up a fireball, whereas “Strengthen Air, Control Energy” would be used if a flame or spark is already present (which is much less exerting than providing heat energy from oneself).
“Restore Organic” would fix a broken spear shaft, and “Construct Organic” would be used to assemble a cupboard out of wooden parts, assuming the alchemist knew how.

In reality, there are several wordings to achieve the same result. The most fitting may receive a bonus to transmute, and an awkwardly worded method might incur a penalty or quirk.

As a really creative example of what a full fledged combat alchemist can do with the right gear, we have Carson. Carson combines the aspects of metal and heat alchemy with the more mundane skill of swordsmanship. He wears two gauntlets inscribed with transmutation circles. The left one is for restoring metal, and the right one is for controlling energy. He also has a custom, finely crafted longsword with a copper-coloured flame pattern along the blade. At the push of a switch on the hilt of his sword, Carson can activate the flintlock mechanism in the hilt to produce a spark, which he transmutes to encompass the sword. This sword has been crafted with metals that ‘ignite’ for a time when given sufficient heat energy, which the spark and transmutation provide. When used correctly, Carson can produce a flaming longsword for a few minutes. After each use, he must then use restore metal to maintain the sword, and occasionally performs the transmutation with a handful of powdered metal sprinkled onto the blade.

Branches of Alchemical Study

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