“Chimera” broadly refers to a variety of seemingly fantastical animal species which inhabit the land. The first chimera came to be when organic alchemists started dabbling in the art of mixing different animals together to create stronger work animals. These first early attempts at animal transmutation were met with failure, and were never made public outside of the Alchemist’s League.

Failure did not dissuade the alchemists however, if anything the challenge provoked more and more of them to rise to the challenge of perfecting this branch of organic transmutation. A mere three months after the first experiments were scrapped, the first chimera was successfully created. It didn’t look much different from a regular draught horse aside from a more muscled frame and a thicker hide, but it was able to carry twice the load of a regular draught horse. Delighted with their achievements, the Alchemist’s League unveiled their newest creation to the public and these new chimeric horses were soon in heavy demand.

Suddenly, the League found itself with a monopoly on labour animals. They were making money, and lots of it. This funding enabled further experiments with chimera, which in turn created more wealth. Organic alchemy became the most popular branch of study, and more and more outlandish and fantastical chimera were created. Winged horses, spined bears, amphibious dogs, and many, many other mixtures of animals were all created on the circles.

Not all chimeras had a practical use in everyday life. Some were bred for war, while others were created only to satisfy the curiosity of their makers. A few years after the advent of the chimera and the sight of hybrid beasts was a common one, be they as pets, work animals, spectacle creatures, or meat for the fighting pits. Most of society had taken the change into their stride. Not so for the Church of Kethrah. Devout followers of Kethrah were outraged at the meddling of their god’s domain and many called for the purging of all chimera, but few appeared to pay them any heed. Chimera were too useful to kill on the whims of fanatics.

Eventually the followers of Kethrah decided to take matters into their own hands. They took up arms and slaughtered any chimera they could find. Traveling circuses and fighting pits were hit the hardest, and their chimeras killed or scattered, although not without reaping a bloody toll from amongst the ranks of the Kathrahan. Other targets were not spared, and both alchemists and regular civilians who were affiliated with chimeras found their homes burned and their chimera attacked.

The war on chimera was bloody and short, and ultimately ended when a large group of Kethrahans attacked the military quarters in Yyarn. Unbeknownst to the public, the Yyarn branch of the military were housing a large array of war chimera. When the zealots stormed the complex the handlers released their beasts of war, who proceeded to annihilate the attack force. In the course of the fight, many of the handlers were killed or otherwise incapacitated, and a large number of war chimera, mad with pain and the scent of blood, escaped to rampage across the land.

Once the ramifications of this were realised, the local governments unanimously decided to forcefully abolish the Church of Kethrah, and also set strict regulations on the production of chimera, including outlawing militarised chimera all together. They also combined efforts to found the Brotherhood of Rangers, who were assigned the task of patrolling the country and capturing or killing any chimera they encountered.

In the present day, docile chimera are often seen pulling plows in the fields, hauling freight, or carrying passengers to and from different towns. The wild has a large number of chimera, despite the best efforts of the Brotherhood of Rangers. Many alchemists have theorised that the chimera can reproduce amongst similar species, which would certainly explain why their numbers do not appear to have been culled. The military profess to have adhered to the new chimera creation restrictions, but there are rumours of experiments continuing in secret.


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