Optional and House Rules

Optional Rules from the Basic Set
- Bleeding (p420 campaigns)
- Accumulated Limb Injury (p420 campaigns)
- Damage to Shields and Overpenetration (p484 campaigns)
- +Damage converts to +Dice [every +4 to damage becomes an extra 1d6 instead, every +7 is 2d6]
- Gun Malfunctions (p407 campaigns)
note that all guns in the campaign have a base malf 14, even the higher TL ones; they are simply not refined enough to be more reliable yet.

Optional Rules from Low Tech
- Most weapons and armour can be taken from Low Tech
- Chinks in the armour (p400 campaigns and p101 Low Tech)
- Blunt Trauma and Edged Weapons (p102 Low Tech)

Optional Rules from Martial Arts
- Extreme Dismemberment (p136) [basically cleave for limbs]
- Severe Bleeding (p138) [bleed more heavily for severed limbs etc]

Optional Rules from Pyramid
- The Last Gasp (Pyramid #3/44) [introduces action points, see Combat Summary for more]

House Rules
Normally, adventurers can make a HT roll at the end of each day of full bed rest to recover 1hp. This is a bit slow for adventuring campaigns and also doesn’t account for natural healing of wounds, so adventurers may make a HT roll at the end of each day regardless, and an additional HT roll if they undertook a full day of bed rest.

Optional and House Rules

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