Alchemy in Game

For all intents and purposes, we will be using these rules for alchemy:

Note that these rules are almost identical to the symbol magic rules in GURPS Magic.

With the following modifiers:

  • Add an IQ/Hard noun symbol “Animal” [Cost 2, time 3]
  • Add the ability to “buy” Symbol Tokens as Signature Gear, costing ($10*energy). For example, Shape Air is 600+300 energy, for $9000 and 9 pts worth of signature gear. You must also add the cost of the item you are inscribing the Symbols onto to the signature gear cost. In our case, a pair of medium plate gauntlets costs $250, so the cost of one gauntlet is $125. Using this as the base for our Symbols would bring the cost to $9125, enough to bump it up to 10pts of signature gear.
  • Symbol Tokens do not degrade, but require 1hr (undivided) of maintenance each week.

Alchemy in Game

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