Brotherhood of Rangers

The Brotherhood of Rangers (or BoR for short) was founded through the joint efforts of all the local county lords after the Kethrah Riots. It is an organisation whose primary goal is to hunt down and exterminate dangeroous wild chimera. However, given the large area that the military organisation covers, the BoR has also come to be the countrywide road police, enforcing the law outside of city boundaries.

They receive their funding almost solely through taxes levied by the county lords, along with the occassional donation from a wealthy landowner who wants their domain to have a visible Ranger presence. It used to be that such donations were commonplace, but as the number of chimera terrorising humans has declined, so too has the dependence upon the Brotherhood.

Despite the ebb in income, the BoR is fairly well equipped, and outfits all of it’s soldiers with arms and armour, tending to favour spears, crossbows, shields, and knives. Rangers are armoured in dark red brigandine and all wear iconic Kettlehelms; metal helmets which cover the head and have a brim to keep the sun out of their eyes. Rank is denoted by a badge on the left breast of the chestpiece and a coloured band around the base of the helmet.

Typically, the BoR operates in patrols of 6-12 men including a sergeant, 2 riders, and various spearmen and crossbowmen. Occasionally these patrols are accompanied by a number of new recruits, and potentially a field doctor. Apart from the riders everyone is on foot, and supplies are carried by a pair of mule drawn carts.

As a country wide organisation, it would be impractical for the BoR to operate from one base. Instead, they have a headquarters in each major city, and a few castles overseeing the more desolate areas of the realm. The most official seat of power for the BoR is Mortimer Castle, so named in honour of the first Grand Master of the Brotherhood.

The ranking system of the BoR is fairly linear; they are commanded by a Grand Master (currently Jakkob Benthin) who handles large-level affairs and has a seat at the Annual Gathering of Lords. When not engaged in other activities he rules over Mortimer Castle, as is his right. Below him are the Captains, who are in charge of local matters and day-to-day affairs. Each Captain is the commander of a city HQ or a castle.

Under the Captains are Sergeants and Tried Men. Tried Men are experienced soldiers who have proven themselves in battle numerous times. They tend to accompany a patrol that has requested some extra manpower and form squads of their own to hunt down a beast once it’s location is known. Some tried men are elevated to the rank of sergeant, and are then given charge of leading patrols or else training new recruits at HQ.

Below Sergeants and Tried Men rank means little, as no one can give orders to another in official capacity. As far as pay grades go, specialists, such as medics, riders, and smiths, earn more than standard troops, who earn more than new recruits. Pay isn’t great in the rank and file, but equipment and food are provided and a certain allowance for repairs is also given.

Those who join the BoR tend to be either adventurous youths with dreams of slaying monsters, mercs who are looking for more stable work, ex soldiers who no longer serve, and the occassional soon-to-be criminal who needs to leave in a hurry. A few Kethrah zealots have also been known to join the BoR in the hopes of killing chimera.

Brotherhood of Rangers

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