Character Creation Rules

75 Point limit with a 50 point disadvantage limit, plus five for quirks.
No exotic, supernatural, or cinematic abilities (ask GM if you think its justifiable)
Magic is alchemy based, with rules listed further down on the main wiki. If going into alchemy it is heavily recommended that you talk to the GM about signature gear (really useful in combat).

Starting Wealth is $2000, and anything TL4 down is available. Note that heavily armed and armoured figures look like they mean trouble, and will elicit reactions as such. Don’t forget to buy clothes and some number of rations. Bandages are also recommended, to supplement first aid (1 point of which is also recommended). Cash is all coin based and there is little to no profit in counterfeiting once the setup expenses are taken into account.

As characters become more powerful, new traits may be unlocked. For example, combat reflexes is available once a character hits 100pts. At this point, an adventurer has been in enough fights to develop an instinctive battle reflex.

A note on muskets: muskets have a crap rate of fire compared to bows etc. Their advantages are in their high damage, ability to “spook” some chimera with their loud noises, and the fact that, unlike bows/crossbow, they can be preloaded. An adventurer would probably only use one as a one-shot rifle before engaging in melee. TL5 firearms are better, and are present in the world; they’re just not standard issue.

Character Creation Rules

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