Combat Summary


Action Points in Combat
Characters start with an additional stat called action points (AP) which is equal to their HT by default, but can be upgraded for 2pts / AP. AP is spent to do anything strenuous in combat, everything from moving to parrying a blow to knocking an arrow costs AP.
replenishing AP can be done in four ways:
-Spend FP
Spend FP on your turn to gain HT/2 AP rounded up per FP spent (free action).
-Do Nothing
If you do nothing and are uninterrupted, at the beginning of your next turn you may roll at HT+4 to regain AP = to 1+(1 per each full 4 you succeed the roll by).
As above, but you roll at HT with no modifier, and gain the +1 evaluate bonus to your next attack
If a wait results in no action, you may roll at HT to recover AP at the start of your next turn

Combat Actions
The following provides a list of the most common types of combat actions and their corresponding AP costs. If not specified, assume the action allows one step.

-Active Defense
Dodge, Block, or Parry, as listed in the basic rules. Cost 1AP each time.
-Active Defense Option: Retreat
Stepping back gives +3 to dodge or parry with a finesse weapon, or +1 to any other defense roll. Costs 1AP if you have already moved your free step, or 0AP and uses your step otherwise. Can only retreat once per round of combat
-All-Out Attack
All-out attacks gain offensive power by sacrificing the ability to defend. For Ranged Weapons, only Determined attacks are available (+1 to hit) which costs 0AP. For melee attacks, Determined gives +4 to hit, Strong gives +2 to damage, Double allows 2 attacks at no penalty, and Feint and Attack is a feint immediately followed by an attack at no penalty. Each melee all-out attack is 2AP and allows half movement forwards. Anyone who took an all-out attack can’t use any active defenses until their next turn.
-Basic Attack
Basic attacks have no modifiers (except for hit locations). Simply roll against your effective skill to hit. All other attacks are based off of basic attacks. Cost 0AP for ranged, and 1AP for melee, both allow one step.
-Committed Attack
Determined for +2 to hit or Strong for +1 damage, both put defenses at -2 and disallow retreating. Allows one step at no penalty or 2 steps at -2 to hit. 2AP.
-Defensive Attack
-2 damage or -1 damage per die (pick worse), but +1 to one active defense or ability to parry with an unbalanced weapon that attacked. If trying to grapple, opponent gets +1. Allows one step 1AP.
-Fast Draw / Quick Reload etc
Any action that speeds up a regular action, such as quickdrawing an arrow or knife, costs 1AP.
Quick Contest of your melee weapon vs opponent’s DX or melee skill. If you succeed and win the contest, subtract your margin of success from the foes defense against your next attack within one second. 1AP. Also costs 1AP if you fail to resist a feint.
-Grappling Actions
Essentially grabbing and then locking/choking/pinning/beating a foe. See Campaigns p370 _for more. Most AP costs are self explanatory and cost _ 1 or 2 AP.
The first step each turn is free, although this might want to be saved for retreating (see defenses). Movement itself doesn’t cost AP, but acceleration does. For each 20% of your move by which you accelerate beyond your step, 1AP. For example, if you moved 2 hexes last turn with a move of 5, accelerating to 4 hexes would cost your step, to 5 would be your step +1AP, and moving 3 hexes would cost nothing. Decelerating costs 1AP per 33% of your move by which you slow down.
-Move and Attack
As it sounds. Ranged weapons take a penalty of -2 or -bulk of weapon. Melee attacks take a -4 to skill and their effective skill can’t exceed 9. AP costs are the sum of the move (see above) and the basic attack.
Readying or drawing a weapon. Costs 1AP if strenuous activity is involved (eg, drawing a bow or quickly adjusting grips on a weapon) or 0AP if it is something simple such as unsheathing a sword.
-Telegraphed Attack
A telegraphed attack makes it very obvious what your intention is. This gives a +4 to hit but your opponent gets a +2 to their active defense. As such, this is quite useful against opponents who have no active defenses (eg if they all-out attacked). 1AP.

More actions (all cost 0AP)

Gives you the accuracy bonus of a ranged weapon to your attack roll.
-All-Out Defense
Either gain a +2 bonus to one active defense, or the ability to use two different active defenses against attacks. Also gain +2 AP this turn that can only be used to defend.
For maintaining concentration on spells etc.

A critical success on anything that would cost AP instead costs 0AP!

Combat Summary

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